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Girls Softball Division - Age Requirements

This section contains Riverdale's age requirements for the softball divisions only. Players must be league age by May 23, 2009.

Softball Divisions League Age Level of Play
T-ball Grade k-3rd Developmental
Pigtail/Peewee Grade 4-7 Developmental| Competitive
PonyTail/Pony 8th grade and up Competitive  (Every attempt will be made to give all participants playing time during regular season games. Tournament play time will be based on skill level and determined by the coaching staff)

Developmental and Competitive Division Differences:

  • Developmental: In developmental divisions, the focus is on the training and enhancement of player skills first and foremost. The emphasis is on player and skill development.
  • Competitive: In competitive divisions,scores and rankings are maintained. While player development is certainly still emphasized in these divisions, teams compete to be the best team in the division and the overall division championship. The level of officiating is also increased in the competitive divisions.

Girls Softball Divisions and Descriptions

Girls Softball Divisions Descriptions

T-ball Softball program is for girls Age 6 to 10. This division is "t-ball", meaning that players hit from a tee. Older players will have the choice to hit from the coach, if she chooses. The diamond used is a 60-foot diamond with a pitcher at a distance of 35 feet.

Pewee Pee Wee Softball program is for girls Age 10 to 12. This division is "player pitch", meaning that there is a live pitcher. The diamond used is a 60-foot diamond with a pitcher at a distance of 35 feet.